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Customized, Branded Business Websites

With over 70,000+ Users and counting, Avada is the most complete and trusted wordpress theme on the market.

Websites that Rock!

Your Business website is your Minion with Super Powers!  It’s often the first contact your customers have with your business and brand.  Working for you 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week,  it’s your online greeter, helper, and salesman.  It reaches your customers where you can’t…right where they are. With all that reach and potential, shouldn’t your website be a Skimp-Free Website?  We can help! We make your website your Minion with Super Powers.

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Itty Bitty, or Big and Bad, we’ve got a Website that fits your business.

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Basic Business  Brochure Site ($499)

  • Customized and Branded for your business
  • 5 Pages (Home page plus 4 others)
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Social Media connections
  • SEO infrastructure inlcuded
  • Additional pages $75 each
  • Customized, Branded Slider images $75 each

Basic E-Commerce Business Website ($1,900)

-base cost includes everything in basic brochure site plus eCommerce connectivity, up to 5 product landing pages and a shopping cart.

  • Includes eCommerce connectivity
  • Multiple products
  • Blog/articles
  • About page
  • Contact us
  • Videos (if available), social media connections and shopping cart.

Business site with Full Product Catalog ($2,900)

-$2900 base cost includes complex product management infrastructure that allows for different sizes, product features, cross selling and featured products
Cost is based on number of products that we add. $50 per product added. $75 per custom graphic created. We can also show how to add your own product.
Has all the functionality to run a full store including tracking orders, shipping, coupons and bundled products.

  • Excellent for managing a large inventory of products.
  • Same as Business site however includes a full product catalog that allows 1000s of products.
  • Autoresponder emails on purchases, inventory quantities, shipping orders and tracking deliveries.
  • Customized and Branded just for you

Modern devices with web design template. Vector illustration

Membership or Community site  ($2,900)

-$2900 base cost includes membership infrastructure

  • Customized and Branded
  • Membership management structure
  • Autorespond emails for new members, membership renewal, membership cancellations
  • Locked pages for subscription based products, user ids, sign up page
  • Events and Calendars