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Video Marketing that’s Buzz Worthy!

Video Marketing Solutions designed with the small business in mind

Create Buzz with Video Marketing

You’ve heard that pictures are worth 1,000 words.  But how many words is video worth? 1 Million! That’s right! 1 minute of video is worth 1 MILLION WORDS! How is that possible? Simple, 70% of our communication is non verbal.  Capitalize on video marketing to communicate more that your message, show case who you really are! 

  • Build your brand

  • Increase Engagement

  • Become an influencer

  • Increase click through rate by 200-300%

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Let’s Go LIVE

Facebook LIVE  $50

Facebook Live Videos have shown great success for brand and product awareness and reach to your targeted potential and past customers. We’ll come to you!  We will rehearse your video message first, then record LIVE on your buiness’ Facebook. This rate us only available to current clients in the Orlando area.

  • Fun

  • Engaging

  • Perfect for advertising

Facebook LIVE Interview  $100

Nervous about what to say on your LIVE video?  Let us take the lead.   We’ll swing by and interview you LIVE on Facebook (on your business’ FB page).

  • Hassle FREE

  • Creates Strong Enagement

  • Perfect for your weekly promotions

  • Affordable

Let’s Go LIVE
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Promotional Video Ad $100

Camera shy? We can fix that. We provide high quality video ads at amazing prices.  By combining a formula of a three-stage promotional text message with eye catching video and background sound, we capture your audience’s attention.

  • Perfect for Social Media

  • Greater organic reach

  • Text overlay, so your message gets through even if the viewer doesn’t click through

Promo Video Interview Style- starts at  $495

Customized, branded Video Interview.

  • 1 hr of filming

  • your First edited video

  • Branded Intro/Outro with music

  • Plenty of content for 10 videos!

  • Each Addition video produced from the 1 hr filming is $150

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Let’s Begin!

Full Video Package Interview Style $1999

Video Marketing for an entire year!!

  • 1 hr of filming

  • Branded Intro/Outro with music

  • 10 Professionally Produed Videos!